Artist interviews · 11. November 2019
Det er virkelig Den Evige By sett med den vestlige sivilisasjonens øyne. For meg er Roma i høyeste grad en eksistensiell opplevelse.
Artist interviews · 05. November 2019
Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson had always wanted to come to Rome and finally, three years ago, he had the chance to travel to Rome.
Artist interviews · 25. October 2019
This is Jørgen Teller's first time at Circolo Scandinavo but the first time he visited Rome was in 1998
Artist interviews · 25. July 2019
Since 2012, Ingo Arnason has worked as Director at Circolo Scandinavo. Next year, it's time for a new Director!
Artist interviews · 23. July 2019
Pekka Pylkkänen spends his time in Rome playing with local musicians
Artist interviews · 18. July 2019
Magnus Westerberg tröttnar aldrig på Rom, och i år har han besökt staden redan tre gånger.
Artist interviews · 11. July 2019
Supponen is in Rome working on two projects.
Artist interviews · 03. July 2019
Annika Lewis is back at Circolo with and working on an exciting project!
Artist interviews · 27. June 2019
It has been 45 years since Karl Áugùst Úlfsson was in Rome the last time, and he has enjoyed his stay!
Artist interviews · 27. June 2019
Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir attended the International Poetry Festival in Genoa during her stay at Circolo Scandinavo.

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