13 February 2021

Foreign artists in Rome

Foreign artists in Rome - why Rome has been and still is a place for meetings and creation by foreigners.

with Ingo Arnasson, Giulia Fiocca, Marie Kraft, Lorenzo Romito, and Frederick Whitling


The talk was held at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome 13 February 2021 in collaboration with Stalker as a part of the project la Zatera

16 December 2020

First online event celebrating Circolo Scandinavo 160 anniversary

Recorded Wednesday 16 December 2020

A Unique Nordic Cultural Heritage
In the early 1800s were "all" artists from northern Europe to travel to Rome. Goethe had been there earlier, the Dane Thorvaldsen was there and his countryman, HC Andersen was there.
On 2 July 1860 the three Scandinavian – Danish, Norwegian and Swedish – libraries situated in Rome, formally merged as “Circolo Scandinavo per Artiste e Scienziati”. Today Circolo Scandinavo is a great example of collaboration between all the five Nordic countries.
Circolo Scandinavo’s Residence in Rome for Nordic artists is a unique institution. Not only because Nordic artists are offered possibilities to work in the heart of Rome but also because artists from different forms of arts live for longer periods under the same roof which means mutual inspiration and the experience of a common Nordic artistic identity.
Since 2006 the Circolo has been located in Via della Lungara, in a large, spacious apartment in the stately “Casino di Vigna” from the 15th century as a neighbour to Villa Farnesina and opposite Palazzo Corsini where the Swedish Queen Christina spent the last 35 years of her life in the late 1600.


0:00:00 - Music Lucid

“LUCID is a word which describes a state of consciousness, an epiphany where the substance of reality it is revealed; the power and energy of nature in its raw untamed force and the spiritual energy field that bind everything, soul and matter, together … LUCID means REAL.”

Þóranna Björnsdóttir Artist-in-Resedence 2017, is a sound and visual artist based in Reykjavík Iceland; working with different medium, she realizes her work through film, performances and installations.

Federico Placidi is a composer and sound artist based in Rome, Italy. As double bass player, cellist, and sound synthesist, he plays in both concerts and improvisation sessions

0:02:08 - Introduction, Marie Kraft, Director Circolo Scandinavo. 

0:06:00 - Ingo Arnason - Grieg in Rome.

0:16:35 - Erkka Filander FI, poet, AiR Dec 2020 - reads poems.

0:23:10 - Frederick Whitling, historian, Fellow at Villa Lante - talk, Circolo Scandinavo and the Academies in Rome

0:56:50 - Ester Wellejus DK, film director, AiR dec 2020 - reads an essay, Rome is quit.

1:04:15 - Erkka Filandere FI, poet, AiR Dec 2020 - reads poems.

1:09:55 - Marie Kraft, Director, Circolo Scandinavo. 

1:15:20 - Erkka Filandere FI, poet, AiR Dec 2020 - reads poems.

1:19:40 - Ester Wellejus DK, film director, AiR dec 2020 - Skandinavernes Julesang i Rom 1833.

1:22:00 - Ingo Arnason - Queen Christina in Rome. 

1:25:15 - Video performance - La Regina e l'alchimista, Cristina di Svezia e Francesco Borri.

Testo di Anna Foa e Vittorio Pavoncello

Regia - Vittorio Pavoncello

Cristina Regina di Svezia - Arianna Ninchi

Francesco Borri - Vittorio Pavoncello