Till Rom - Nordiska konstnärer i Rom under 150 år
Pihl Atmer, A.K., Carlens, B. and Lång, F. (2010) Carlsson Bokförlag: Stockholm. 

These 150 years of artistic life offers a compelling story. A couple of dozen writers from all five Nordic countries participate with contributions that depict various events and phenomena in Roman and Scandinavian history. Here are the Danish Golden Age painters socializing on the Roman trattoria, Ibsen's effort to get the first women into the Board and Strindberg's satirical depiction of the tourist who does Rome in a day - to the modern writers, poets and artists' experiences of today's Rome. The book is richly illustrated with old and new photos.

The book is edited by architectural historian Ann Katrin Pihl Atmer, visual artist Brita Carlens and author Fredrik Lång. 

The story of the Casino Farnese - Home in Rome to Nordic Artists

Wulffson, M.  (2010) Gangemi Editore: Rome.


This is the story of Casino Farnese. In the Renaissance, a 'casino' was a 'small villa', and this one was in a 'vigna': a landholding filled with orchards and vineyards. The Casino Farnese is over 500 years old, and lies in an area immensly rich in history and culture. Extraordinary people have come and gone here. Events great and small have left their mark. It is a place of creativity and learning, deeply connected with art, music, literature, philosophy and science, and in many ways with Scandinavia. The historic Circolo Scandinavo (Skandinavisk Forening) per Artisti e Scienziati in Rome, founded in 1860, has a new home. Let us take a virtual journey through time and space.


Researched and written by linguist and Circolo Scandinavo life member Madeleine Wulffson. Photographs by the author.


Rom er et fortryllet bur

Ritzau, T. and Ascani, K. (eds.) Copenhagen: Forlaget Rhodos (1982).


No other country and no other city in the 1800s has had a similar impact upon Scandinavian culture as Italy and Rome.  Even though Paris later became the main destination for Scandinavian artists, it can be questioned whether it is not Italy and Rome that has provided the greatest and longest inspiration to Nordic artists and writers. For these artists, Den Skandinaviske Forening i Rom became a unique gathering place. The organization celebrates 150 years on the 28th January 1983, and in celebration of this the dream to produce a collection of the most famous paintings, painted by Scandinavian artists in Italy, can be realized. “Rom er et fotryllet bur” is written by major Scandinavian cultural figures and art-historians.  The authors, using contemporary understandings of art-and literature history, have given an analysis and a review of the entire period’s – the Gold and the Silver ages – Nordic contributions in text, painting, drawing and sculpture. Besides the paintings from the period, the book also presents drawings and engravings, owned by Den Skandinaviske Forening. Den  Skandinaviske Forening also owns original manuscripts of famous poems, printed in facsimile.


Edited by Tue Ritzau and Karen Ascani. Only available in Danish.

Nordisk kunstnerliv i Rom. 
Bull, F. Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 



Printed in 1960 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Skandinavisk Forening i Rom. 

Glimpses from Medieval times
Nordic citizens in Rome during the 17th-19th Century
Thorvaldsen’s era
The period of ‘Scandinavianism’: 1840-1850
The heydays of Skandinaviske Fornening: 1860-1885
Changing moods and conditions: 1880-1914
War and interwar

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