Jørgen Teller

Composer and musician I Denmark 

My work has strong roots in organized sound, musique concrète, electronic music, de-tuned guitar-rock songwriting, free-form guitar, drone/spectral music, acousmatic spatial music, jazz'n'poetry, performance and new dance.
In recent years my work has been focused as a "Nomadic Composer". This is an expression of working in many different situations and in many different spaces in very different cities. Often in new series - each place.
In 2022-23 I compose especially for acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, synths, ultra-sound/field recordings. My concerts are very international with Static Teller - solo. And with acousmatic sound works for speaker-orchestra for Ears-Sound-Scape.
In addition, instant composition with Axel Dörner, Jimi Tenor & Kaptajn Ørentvist, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Pierre Bastien, Oda Dyrnes, Johannes Nästesjö oa.
During my Rome residency I will work w/ a new sonic piece based on new ultrasonic recording of local bats, birds and the related environments.