Anna Torkkel 

Performance artist I Finland 

Anna Torkkel is a Finnish dance artist working as a choreographer, dancer, performer, teacher, and curator in new dance and performance fields. Her practice intertwines dancing to music, and in her recent works, she has been exploring for example allowance, beauty, trust, and freedom. She works both independently and as a member of various working groups in Turku and Helsinki Finland, and her work includes productions from stage works to site-specific pieces. The works have been seen for example in Kiasma Theater, Baltic Circle Festival, Mad House Helsinki, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, and Zodiak - Center for New Dance. Anna is the founder and artistic director of Ehkä-production (Amsterdam 2004), an artist-run operator and production community that facilitates and produces works of dance and performance artists. Since 2009 Ehkä has been running the Contemporary Art Space Kutomo in Turku.