Eva Kun

Visual Artist I Norway 

I am a visual artist educated in Warsaw at Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine



Most of my artistic work is situational.

For a long period of time I have worked with light, - the meeting between light, form

and space, the relation between these.

It has led to a number of installations indoors and outdoors, in Norway and


Some of the installations were results of collaboration with Arne Ingvaldsen.

I usually work with ideas based on the premises of the site, situation, its content and



The materials can be of all kinds, from traditional artist materials to building or natural


Light is an important for me, regardless of whether it is daylight or artificial


Architecture is also an important part of my work, both as a source of inspiration, as a

physical starting point and as part of the full fitted work.

Over time, I have become more and more preoccupied with studying public spaces -

and Rome is a rich source for just that. It is connected not only with my artistic work,

but also with my teaching at the Bergen School of Architecture where I work as part

of an interdisciplinary teaching team with architects. Sensing and art related

experiences are essential part of the school´s education and in that sense one can

feel directly.

I hope to renew my experiences about public spaces, room and light during my stay

in Rome.