Arne Ingvaldsen

Visual artist I Norway

I made my studies at the art academies of Warsaw and Bergen. Before that I graduated as an

architect from NTNU in Trondheim. Now I concentrate on working with art. I have done a number of

solo exhibitions, taken part in group exhibitions and public art competitions - most in Norway.

My principal interests are installations, sculpture, drawing and painting.

Installations have been made using abstract, physical forms in scale of architectural/landscape

context. Some of them were in cooperation with the artist Eva Kun. She is also a guest this time at


I have done a number of public sculptures, also very much in architectural scale. Preferred material

has been painted steel.


Since long I have made drawings, often black/white with charcoal on paper. In recent years I have

extended the drawing experiences into painting, which is what I do mostly these days.

The common way of expression for all these activities is abstract form, or, if you like, concrete form.

What I want to do in Rome? First of all, simply being there and take in impressions from many

locations. To visit again places I love, and search up new sites in this extraordinary city. I like to make

drawings from the townscape as I walk. Such figurative sketches sometimes give me raw material for

purely abstract compositions.