Visual artists | Sweden & Finland





SIMKA is the project name for the visual artists Simon Haggblom’s and Karin Lind’s shared artistic activities since 2003. Through SIMKA we combine our knowledge and skill from visual art, setdesign- scenography and landscapearchitecture.

The core of our work is the investigation and formation of different spaces and sites for human interaction. Informed by the tensions between urbanity and nature, as well as the fictional and the habitual world. The pieces are more or less permanent, located in the gaps, the solitary or disintegrated                                                                                       spaces of the public or private sphere.


SIMKA has produced a number of large public commissions and exhibitions. Also scenography for dance in cooperation with choreograph Jefta van Dinther on stages around Europé.

A large scale participatory art project ”Floating Trunks” for the European Culture Cities 2014 – Umeå, SE- Riga, LV - Pori, FI. Also as part of ”Corners of Europé” ( EU’s Culture fond 2014-2018 ) with the project ”Sister of Another Mama”.


From 2012 and forward they also produced a decalog of documented performances ”TRUE COLORS”.

Simon Häggblom began his art education at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm in 1995 after various activities in garden, cultivation and landscape architecture. Sculpture is the main form of expression and often in the context of landscape. Permanent works are mainly found in Finland and Sweden. Landscape architecture remains part of activity, but the art comes primarily. In 2020, Finnish TAIKE's artist pension was obtained.

Karin Lind's artistry has been in constant motion from the 1980s to the early 2020s. Lind began her artistic career as a sculptor with a degree from Konstfack, but soon also trained as a scenographer at the Dramatic Institute and also studied at the Royal Institute of Arts, and today has managed around a hundred theater performances in collaboration with directors such as Susanne Osten and Lars Norén. Gradually, painting has also become increasingly important, along with more collective experimentation in the artist duo Simka.

We live and work both in Stockholm, Sweden and on Aaland Islands, Finland. For the residency at Circolo Scandinavo we had support from Konstnärsnämnden, Sweden for Karin and Ålands Kulturdelegation and Svenska Kulturfonden i Finland for Simon.