Kristian Blomberg 

Poet & editor | Finland


Kristian Blomberg (1975) is a poet, critic and editor (poetry magazine Tuli & Savu 2010–2013, publication series Poesiavihkot 2014–2022). He has explored the significance of details, beauty as an argument, effect of the real, and the nature of impossibility. His works are connected by the tension between the positive aspects of solitude and the forms of knowledge that we cannot get alone. His writing echoes the traditions of minimalism, fragment and experimental literature.


His works(itsekseen muuttuva 2011; Valokaaria 2015; Kaikessa hiljaisuudessa 2019) are also tied to the possibilities of the book object, how the book as an object can affect reading. At Circolo Scandinavo Blomberg is finishing a work he has wrote together with Olli-Pekka Tennilä: Itseään täydentävä raunio. Fragmentin poetiikkaa.