Visual Artist | Sweden


Elisabeth Westerlund is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She received her education at Empire State College, SUNY, New York and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


Sculptures, installations and collages are media she uses to explore the way we organize and find our place in the world. Her work often investigates topography and the meaning of place in a sociological, economical and cultural perspective. Other works deal with a more sensory way of experiencing a landscape and the passing of time through it. Rome has been a source of reference for artists throughout history and at Circolo Scandinavo, Westerlund will examine works by her predecessors and the way they made sense of the city. She’s also interested in how Mussolini reshaped the city of Rome and how his projects are perceived today.


Westerlund has taken part in various exhibitions in galleries and museums in Sweden and abroad, such as Moderna Museet and Thielska Galleriet in Stockholm, Brandts Klaedefabrik in Odense, Sparwasser in Berlin and Museo Andersen in Rome. Her latest solo show was How Like a Winter Has My Absence Been at Björkholmen Gallery in Stockholm 2021. She has also received several public art commissions around Sweden and is represented in the collections of institutions such as Moderna Museet Stockholm, Public Art Agency Sweden

and Malmö Konstmuseum.


Westerlund's residency is made possible with support of the Swedish Arts

Grants Committee.