Morten SchantZ

Morten Schantz is a pianist, composer and bandleader born 1980 in Aarhus, Denmark.


"I will be focusing primarily on developing lots of musical sketches aimed for my new band, RKDIA (pronounced: “Arcadia”). I am trying to further develop my own musical signature which is in the area of improvisation, EDM, classical orchestration, pop and polymetrics. I will be searching for a unique passage that connects EDM/pop sensibilities with more advanced harmonic/rhythmic language as found in classical or jazz music. I am releasing an album this year with RKDIA and I am really excited about the expanding this musical journey for the follow up release during my stay in Rome. I absolutely love the city and the incredible facilities of Circolo give me everything I could dream of in terms of headroom and the possibilities of finding a creative spark."