Foto: Ulf Breistrand


Writer and director | Norway


Lene Therese Teigen is a writer/director based in Oslo, Norway. She is a theatre scholar with dramaturgy as her special field and she is also educated as a film director. Her latest works include "Time without books», an international theatre project about the Uruguayan dictatorship and the consequences for the younger generations, and a novel and theatre piece about Tulla Larsen, who was the model and fiancé to the painter Edvard Munch. Lene Therese Teigen has published four novels and an anthology on drama history in addition to her dramatic works, which include 6 volumes/11 plays. Her texts have been translated, produced and performed around the world for the last twenty years, sometimes with Teigen as director. 


At Circolo she will continue her collaboration on the interdisciplinary project LIVIA’s ROOM with Ingrid Aarset and Thuridur Jonsdottir, both whom she met at her first residency in January 2018. Teigen is the writer/director and concept maker for this work which is a true «child» of nordic meetings at Circolo Scandinavo, also including Swedish antique scholar Lovisa Brännstedt. The last part of the preproduction period for LIVIA’S ROOM takes place this month before the world premiere of Livia’s Room October 2022 in Bergen/Norway, along with performers from Norway, and the Copenhagen based music ensemble KIMI.