Sigbjørn Bratlie

Sigbjørn Bratlie (b. Oslo, 1973) works with painting, installation, performance and video. His art practice has a conceptual and analytical undertone, and language is an important part of it. A key ingredient in his way of working is «the artist as anti-hero»; the artist who desperately tries to create profound, deep-felt and groundbreaking work, but who usually fails miserably.


This strategy accounts for a lot of the humour in his work, a strategy that allows him to see serious matters from an unexpected angle. His work is about the production of artworks in the midst of an overwhelming flow of TV, movies, advertising, fashion and cartoons. The artworks are often “filtered” through one or several layers of cultural references, but are ultimately about the search for a voice, both artistically and personally. In his work there is also a distinctly hermeneutic approach to contemporary visual culture: It is often conceived in order to search for meaning in cultural phenomena.