Actor | Norway

Per Bogstad Gulliksen (born: 1968) is a Norwegian actor. His project during the Artist-in-residence at Circolo Scandinavo will be on Norwegian born American artist/sculptor Hendrik Christian Andersen, investigating and searching for ways to translate traits, curves, lines, movement and rhythm from Andersens sculptoral work to the anatomy of the actors body, seeking to delvelop alternatives for habitual or conventional approaches to the actors body in time and space, thus challenging the actors plasticity of expression.


Per Bogstad Gulliksen has worked as a freelance actor with a variety of theatres in Norway, such as Trøndelag Teater («UBU», «Speleman på taket», «Medmenneske», «Nøtteknekkeren», Nationaltheatret («Fatzer»), Den Nationale Scene («Gjøglernes Aladdin», Nordland Teater («Livets Røtter», Fuglane», Nordic Black Theatre («Stormen»), Dramatikkens Hus («Sinbads Siste Reise», «Ærlighetkj») and Stamsund Internasjonal Theatrefestival («Passage»). Since 2009 he has gained professional experience in the post-dramatic theatre tradition; in Claire de Wangens site-spesifc «Messels Memorandum» (2010), «Fatzer » by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergens (2012). He has worked extensivly with the Oslo based theatre company Grusomhetens Teater (Theatre of Cruelty) in productions such as «Amazonas» (2011-15) and «Visions of Kerouac» (2017). He has done workshops and masterclasses with renowned professionals like Judith Malina - Living Theatre (US), William Esper – Meisner Technique (US), Lenard Petit - Michael Chekhov Technique (US), Frantic Assembly (UK), Rimini Protokoll (DE), Showcase Beat Le Mot (DE), Jo Strømgren (NO), Tomi Janežič (SI). His most resent filmwork is in the thriller tv-series Occupied (2015) and «Aber Bergen» (2016), the nordic noir series «Monster» (2017) and the featurefilm «The Bird Catcher» (2019).


Per Bogstad Gulliksen did his BA (Hons) in Acting at The Arts Educational Drama School, London, UK from 1992-1995. In 2015 he completed his master's degree MA in Acting at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway with the performance and thesis  «Sentimentalist». In addition he holds a BA in Art History (The Artic University of Norway, 2008) and a BA in Aesthetic Studies (University of Oslo, Norway, 2013). In 2017 and 2019 Per Bogstad Gulliksen was/is a recipient of Government Grants for Artists from Arts Council Norway for research in the field of acting.  


Photo: Kristin Aafløy Opdan