lauri supponen

Lauri Supponen (b. 1988) is a composer based in Finland. He grew up in Brussels and studied composition at the RCM in London and UdK in Berlin, graduating from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki in autumn 2016. Lauri’s works have been premiered by leading contemporary music ensembles such as Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern and BBC Singers at major festivals around Europe and North America. Close collaboration with instrumentalists forms the nucleus of his method. Lauri also regularly performs as an oboist and contrabassist, recently at the indie music festival Flow with Korvat Auki Ensemble and ainoregina. His work is supported by Kone Foundation.



Lauri Supponen



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Main producer of UNM 2020: Tampere

UNM Finland  ◘  UNM Bergen 2018

Photo by: Heli Hirvelä