The stubborn silence of an image is following me. It hints about a key which would unravel all the world's mysteries. A real riddle that silence, hiding such secrets. It is persistently pointing towards the surface of an image and beyond, so quietly that my ears go deaf.


I keep on searching, image after image, trying to get a hold of that special something. It is my quest, to slay a dragon, cross a moat and climb a wall to rescue the prince charming from an evil spell.


Eyes on the prize, the challenge remains to capture the prey, slipping through my fingers, like air, like stream, like time.


Jaana Rannikko (b. 1978) is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She received her MA in Photography from the University of Arts and Design Helsinki / Aalto University in 2010. She works with photography, installation, drawing, writing and video.