Heidi Hove (b. 1976) is an interdisciplinary artist, who lives and works in Copenhagen (DK). In 2007, she graduated from Funen Art Academy (DK) and California College of Arts (US).


The medium is primarily objects, installations, and interventions. The work is often characterized by signs, texts and symbols with ambiguous aesthetics that thematises the identity of people, places and events. Isolation, dislocation or camouflage is used as a strategy to highlight and redefine a message or to make the works blend in with (and perhaps support) their surroundings. She has exhibited her works in various contexts in Denmark and abroad. Works include as an example an illuminated text in a backyard in New York (US), a town gate for the homogeneous, suburban neighborhood of Vanløse in Copenhagen (DK), and a giant, illuminated welcoming sculpture placed outside a small desert village in Texas (US). Recent awards include working grants from The Danish Arts Foundation (2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016) and winner of the Turku Biennial 2013 (FI).


Besides her individual practice, Heidi has been involved in different curatorial projects. She co-curated, along

with Jens Axel Beck (DK) the award-winning exhibition, Local Global Plan in the public space of Vanløse

(DK) in 2011 and since 2007, she is co-curating the international Deadpan Exchange series with Jonn

Herschend (US). Additionally, she is the co-founder of two artist initiatives in Copenhagen (DK); Koh-i- noor

(since 2004) and Exhibition Space Sydhavn Station (since 2012).




Heidi Hove's residency is made possible by the support from The Danish Arts Foundation