Christine Aspelund (born 1966 in Nyköping, Sweden) is a Norwegian, Oslo based sculptor, periodically working in Pietrasanta (Italy) and in Berlin.


She works close to the physical material, within a craft-based sculptural expression, mostly figurative. She is interested in the tension between bodily appearances and form expressions, social aspects and emotional states. Her works are often installed in public places and she is represented in both public and private art collections.


Aspelund has her artistic education from ‘Statens Håndverks- og kunstindustriskole’ / ‘The National Academy of Arts and Craft’, Oslo and ‘Statens Kunstakademi’ / ‘The National Academy of Fine Arts’, Oslo (Today both these institutions are part of the new Oslo National Academy of the Arts).

Aspelund has received a number of artistic grants and prizes from public and private funds and foundations.

She has extensive experience from artistic trusts and juries, and has also been a guest teacher at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 


Christine Aspelund is currently the chairwoman of the Norwegian Sculptors Society (from 2014) and a member of the Committee for the design of new coins in the Norwegian Central Bank (from 2013).