Stefan Thorsson

Stefan Thorsson (b. 1968) is a Swedish composer based in Berlin, who mainly works with contemporary dance, theatre and film. He finished his master studies in composition 2008 at the Academy of stage and music at the University of Gothenburg with the dissertation Dialogue Music – The dead angles of contemporary music. In the text as well as in his art, there’s a pronounced hope and will that contemporary music must be in a constant dialogue with reality to a greater extent; equal to the political, historical and philosophical tentacles of all other art forms. The dead angles hide different views of the surrounding environment that we are either incapable or not willing to see. But in many occasions we just have to lift or turn our heads an inch. One possible way is to look backwards, to what we call history and tradition – to understand where we come from and to see where we stand now.


Central in Thorsson’s process is a visual exploration of possibilities to let his own work be infiltrated by music from other genres or times and still keep his own esthetical identity. The works are often based on openly experimental, improvisational projects that include several artistic expressions and rises existential questions about music as a contemporary art form. The musical drama has a central position in his work; partly due to a strong urge to create suggestive metamorphoses around the vulnerable soul of man, but mainly due to a wish to describe the transformation that music must go through, over and over again – to fall, be surprised, and then move on.