Playwright and dramaturge Pipsa Lonka holds an M.A. degree from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Her plays have been presented in city theatres in Finland. She has adapted and dramatized works for the theatre and written an opera libretto for a children’s opera for the Savonlinna Opera Festival. Her first radio play Different Bread participated in the Prix Europa competition in 2008 and her second radio play won Prix Europa special in 2010. 

Shadowy house


The reality of the dead mother and that of the living daughter are both present in the house.
The deceased mother is present as a memory, a shadow.
A feeling of loss looms over it all: the daughter's heartbreaking, inescapable sorrow.
Her mother has died. The adult daughter visits her childhood home, now empty for the first time.
Her mother is not there any more. The daughter walks around the rooms of the house, reliving memories.
She packs up the past, opening closets and reading letters which reveal a different picture of her mother.