Marianne Stranger (b.1981) from Norway is working as a scenographer and musician and is based in Oslo and Berlin.


Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii (TWMTH) is her main musical project where she is the lead singer and composes music together with Eyvind Brox. Miss Stranger has received several scholarships for her lyrics in TWMTH, is inspired by the tension between the melody and meaning and the conflict that arises from ashes of this battlefield.


Marianne is working closely with the visual artist Margreta Stølen for the cover art, inspiring each other with the themes of the lyrics alongside Stølens drawings such as hidden evil, duality of love, the suppression of the subject, and the expectations of a society.


TWMTH has recently come home from their first US tour, including the festival SXSW and showcases in NYC. The Austin based label Red Eye Transit has released their first EP "still Life”, and will release their full length album in winter 2014.


Trained as a scenographer in Liverpool Institute for Performance arts, she explored varies theatre styles but focused her work towards the “off-scenes”, doing site specific performances with the art group Flukt Productions. The work with this group continued after returning to Oslo, exploring the ways of bringing "a piece of real sites" to the stage, achieving a filmatic style on the dance/theatre performances.


Continuously curious about playing with the concept of how you define your own reality, she is also working as a scenographer and Head of Props in various large scale TV-Drama series in Norway, and was honored the price of " best Production Design" in Iova Film Festival for her work in the short film " Blendet af Solen".


Alongside, Miss Stranger has been working with her other theatre collective named Artilleriet, doing a mix between documentary and fictional theatre pieces.


Marianne Stranger is also doing independent commissioned sculptural work, and currently working on a sound performance piece, commissioned by Hamar Performance Festival.