Ketil Hvoslef

Ketil Hvoslef (born 1939) is a versatile composer, his output consisting predominantly of instrumental compositions. It is difficult to classify his compositorical style as it differs with the task he is solving and the instruments he is writing for. His style has evolved from an almost neo-classical mode of expression to an intensely personal musical language, characterised by great rhythmic ingenuity. Hvoslef studied composition in Stockholm with Karl-Birger Blomdahl and Ingvar Lidholm, and later in London with Thomas Rajna and Henri Lazarof. His works, mostly composed on commission, are frequently performed in Norway and abroad.

A selection of works: Orchestra: Mi-Fi-Li, Concertino for Orchestra, Antigone, Il compleanno, Ein Traumspiel. Opera: Barabbas. Chamber music: Kvartoni, Sextet for Flute and Percussion, Serenata per archi (string orchestra). 2074266880