The voice is the acoustic signal used to carry, among other things, spoken language and singing. It is a form of expression based on sound. As with fingerprints, handwriting or physical appearance, each individual voice is unique to its respective owner. To use one's voice, to communicate through it, is a deeply-rooted human need. Maybe because it allows one to convey what the inner voice(s) want(s) to share. But how does one share? How does one translate between sound, vision, matter and thought? In my work, I explore the attempts, and the implied narrative, wherein the voice(s) may appear, fade and reverberate.

Karolina Erlingsson (b.1980) is a Swedish artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She has studied art history and fine art in Sweden and in Portugal, and she received her MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden in 2008. Selected exhibitions include:Pandemonium – Art in a Time of Creativity Fever, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Göteborg, 2011; Lunds konsthall Presentation, Lunds Konsthall, Lund, 2010; The Moderna Exhibition 2010, Moderna Muséet, Stockholm, 2010.



Artist-in-residence September 2012