Juha Ruusuvuori has been a novelist for twenty years, during which time he has written ten novels, amongst them the novel Nokian nuoriso-ohjaaja ("The Youth Leader of Nokia"; WSOY 2003), which was shortlisted for the Finlandia prize for literature, and the well-received non-fiction book Itämeren merirosvot - Piraattitarinoita pohjoisesta ("Pirates of the Baltic", Teos 2004).


The novel Kaniikki Lupus ("Brother Lupus", WSOY 1993) was also shortlisted for the Finlandia prize.


His novel Stallari ("The Stalinist", WSOY 2009) describes the times of a pro-Soviet youth movement in Finland on the 1970s and 1980s. Newest is the novel Tarzanin hauta (”Tarzan´s Grave”).


In addition to novels, Ruusuvuori also writes children´s books, columns, sketches, plays and comics. Many remember his legendary satirical magazine Pahkasika. His humorous radio stories about the colubrid snake Topi and his wife Leena the Frog are very popular. He has also written two radio plays for children.


In his free time, Ruusuvuori sails and practise aikido. He lives with his family in Dalsbruk, South-Western archipelago of Finland.



"A couple of times a year, you happen to get your hands on a book that is so good that it makes you laugh until you can't breathe. [...] ! Nokian nuoriso-ohjaaja is not a historical novel, nor a realist novel, but, well, just pure literature in the finest sense of the word."
Kanerva Eskola, Aamulehti





Viimeinen palmusaari ("The Last Desert Island, Banana Press Oy, 1989)


Kaniikki Lupus ("Brother Lupus", WSOY 1993)


Ryöstetty pyhimys ("The Stolen Saint, WSOY 1995)


Majuri Max ("Major Max", WSOY 1997)


Lemminkäisen laulu ("Lemminkäinen's Song", WSOY 1999)


Jurmo ("Jurmo", WSOY 2001)


Nokian nuoriso-ohjaaja ("The Youth Leader of Nokia", WSOY 2003)


Pyhän kalan kultti ("Cult of the Holy Fish", WSOY 2007)


Stallari ("The Stalinist", WSOY 2009)


Tarzanin hauta (”Tarzan´s Grave”, WSOY 2012)






Itämeren merirosvot. Piraattitarinoita pohjoisesta. ("Pirates of the Baltic: Tale of Derring-Do from the North", Teos 2004)


Muukalainen muumilaaksossa (”A Stranger in the Moomin Valley”, WSOY 2005)


Muukalainen Rantaruotsissa (”Stranger and the Coastal Swedes”, WSOY 2010)




Children's Books


Topi Tarhakäärmeen uskottomat urotyöt ("The Amazing Adventures of Topi the Grass Snake", WSOY 2001)


Topi Tarhakäärmeen seikkailut Pariisissa ("Topi the Grass Snake's Adventures in Paris", WSOY 2002)


Topi Tarhakäärmeen ottopoika (”The Son of Topi”, WSOY 2005)


Topi Tarhakäärme 7 merellä (”Topi at 7 seas”, WSOY 2006)





Kiljusen herrasväki – a musical for children ("The Gentlefolk of Kiljunen", Tampere Worker's Theatre 1994)


Överfallet vid Jungfrusund ("Assault on Jungfrusund" Bruks Theatre 1995)


Hemligt i verkstaden ("Secret of the Work! shop", Bruks Theatre 1999)


Hirttämätön mainosmies ("The Adman They Couldn't Hang", Turku New Theatre 2000)



Other: parodies, comics


Suopon agentin Usko Kyykän seikkailut ("The Adventures of Agent Usko Kyykkä of Suoppo", with Jukka Parkkari, 1984)


Pahkasian Savo-Karjalan matkaopas ("Pahkasika's Travel Guide to Savo and Karelia", with Markku Paretskoi, 1984)


Pahkasian Lapin matkaopas ("Pahkasika's Travel Guide to Lapland", wirh Markku Paretskoi, 1985)


Usko Kyykkä ja Shanghai-Lili ("Usko Kyykkä and ShanghaiLily", with Jukka Parkkari, 1987)


Scripts for the Moomin comic strips up until 2001


Scripts for the Eco-Hazards comic strips in Pirkka magazine.




Shortlistings for the Finlandia prize 1993 and 2003


Culture prize of the city of Tampere 1993


Prize of the Great Finnish Book Club 1993


Prize of the Tolkien society in Finland 2004


Prize of Svenska kulturfonden 2006