Writing for stage, radio and television

Dramaturg at several major theatres


n  Wrote on commission for Unga Riks, for whom she wrote her first real play, ”The Butterflychildren”.  A play about three children surviving the holocaust and how they try to go on living. This play has since then been produced by several theatres in Sweden.

n  Wrote on commission, “Ciao Bella”. A play about an adopted girl arriving to her new family in Sweden.

n  Wrote “Mother is wanted”. A play telling about a mother dying of cancer and her two children who through advertisement try to get hold of a new mother but find a father. This play has also been produced by several swedish theatres and also in Hungary/ Budapest for many years. 

n  Wrote for radio “A Quite Ordinary Family”. The play is partly based on a novel by a Serbian writer, but with a new framework which places the story in our time.

n  Wrote for radio “It´s all about love”

n  Wrote also for radio ”On the border” which was produced in 2007 with Erland Josephson in the leading part.

n  Wrote a musical some years ago, “The Unneeded Talents Theatre”, music by the composer Niko Röhlcke.

n  Wrote a modern version “Rigolettos daughter”, refering to Verdi´s opera Rigoletto.  This play was produced in 2003 and it was also on tour with Swedish Riksteatern.

n  Made an adaptation from a book by the Hungarian writer Sandor Marai, entitled “Fire”.

n  Wrote on commission a play, both for children and adults ”Little Luther”. The play had it´s opening at the Kronobergstheatre in Växjö  in spring 2006.

n  Also in spring 2006 ” In the Shadow of Hamlet” at the Royal National Theatre’s Young Stage. It will also be produced in Belgrade in 2011.

n  A road-theatre ” Nowhere ” was written for Sörmlands Music and Theatre, and produced in August 2006.

n  Made an adaptation (together with Malin Stenberg )of Anna Larssons hemliga dagbok. Produced at The Royal National Thetres young stage in 2007.

n  ”For Damaskus” was written on commision for The Civic Theatre in Stockholm in 2009.

n  As well as her adaptation and musical (based on a novel by Ulf Stark) Dårfinkar och Dönickar which was produced in the Civic theatre of Stockholm (opening in autumn of 2009) with music by Thomas Lindahl.

n  During 2008 the adaption of ”The illustrated mother” (Den tatuerade mamman) had it’s opening at the Royal National Theatres young stage .

n  The monologue ”Stirraren” was also written for The Royal National Theatres young stage at Elverket. Produced as a cooperation with Teater Weimar in Malmö, where it had it’s opening in august 2009. Later on shown at The Royal National Theatre/Elverket and also going on a tour with Swedish Riksteatern.

n  Writing a libretto ”Min mamma är en drake” (based on a novel ny Pija Lindenbaum) with music by Thomas Lindahl. Written on commision for the Operahouse in Gothenburg. Opening in March 2010.

n  Irena Kraus has just finished her translation of West Side Story for the Operahouse in Gothenburg and right now she is writing a new play on commision for the Civic Theatre in Stockholm, due to rehersal in august 2012.

n  As a dramaturg she’s been working frequently over the years with Dance Theatre together with the coreographer Mats Ek

n  For many years she has also been working as dramaturg at The Royal National Theatres young stage.







n  Studied Litteratur and Drama at the university

1979-1981 Dramatic Institute of Stockholm , Sweden educated as Playwright and dramaturg