Anne Biringvad

Artist-in-Residence May & June 2014

My art is founded on 20 years of practice as a painter and is related to painting and composition in the same way, thaw I am now using different kind of medias.


In my projects I am working with narrative complex installations and collages – in an almost baroque, folkloric expression - were the stories problematize our reality in terms of visual commentaries with an socially critical undertone.


I use various techniques, and often works site specific.


My ready-mades are handicrafts , woodwork , textiles , leather products, plastic, old tools, camping equipment and furniture.


Everyday things put into a new context that transforms form, function and content.


I am interested in folklore peculiarities and commonalities , locally and globally. And even use folk art as ready-mades . By moving these " protected " objects into contemporary art , I want to actualize our visual language and visual heritage.


Now I also integrates motifs from Norwegian art history`s " Golden age " in the form of embroidery, rugs and reproductions.


I have my background from the wally of Sigdal - in rural culture and among the maximalist expression of folklore. And an early awareness of the artists Th. Kittelsen and Chr. Skredsvig who both use to live there.


My projects are coloured by art history, folk art, old craft traditions , fairy tales, legends , folk songs, female culture , politics and religion.