Trudi Jaeger ENG

Interview with Trudi Jaeger that stayed at Circolo in October 2018. The interview was made 18.10.2018

Trudi Jaeger fell in love with Rome first when she was visiting the city with her family, and finally 2012 when she stayed at Circolo Scandinavo for two months.
This visual artists loves to walk around the city contemplating, visiting churches, and constantly being amazed of all the intoxicating smells and aromas of the complex, eternal city.

Jaeger has a great love of history, and in Rome's history with the strong influence of seven different families is very intriguing. In the summer of 2012 when Jaeger stayed at Circolo, she would get up early in the morning to go running in the Villa Doria Pamphili Park when it was still relatively cool, to get back to Circolo and have breakfast at 08.00 in the 25 degree heat.

The hidden parts of Rome interest her, and she's always looking for those secret spots. The rural in the urban, parks in between ancient buildings are a source of inspiration for Jaeger. Favourites in Rome are Villa Giulia, the Borghese gardens and Via Appia. Next on the must visit list are Villa Adriana and Villa D´este. In Bergen, her rainy home town in Norway, she recommends visiting the botanical garden, the Historical museum and Edvard Grieg's house.


Find out more about Trudi on: www.trudijaeger.no


Text by Oona Haapamäki