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Interview with Eeva-Liisa Puhakka. Puhakka was a resident at Circolo in September and October 2018. The interview was made 25.10.2018.

Eeva-Liisa has stayed at Circolo Scandinavo since the beginning of September, and has had a bit more time to take in the eternal city which she hasn't visited in almost 15 years. Apparently not much has changed and the same restaurants are still there. The Alitalos said exactly the same!

Puhakka has enjoyed her stay at Circolo and thinks the concept of the Meet the Artists event is carried out well. She enjoys the fact that also locals find their way to the events and that gives way for many fruitful discussions with different people. During her residencies in Spain and Iceland this was not the case. Also the mix up of artists from different fields gives you the opportunity to get to know new art forms and meet people you might not meet otherwise.

In Rome she loves to just walk around the city, because the public transport is not always something you can depend on. Fortunately you can always depend on your own feet! The noise from the streets and the amount of tourists in September was a bit of a shock in the beginning, but is fortunately something you get used to.

She recommends walking around the city and visiting the Villa Pamphilia Park, eating gelato, the Santa Cecilia crypt, art festivals and the Dar Enzo Al restaurant in Trastevere. After a hiking trip to Tivoli, Rome can also be considered a place to visit to enjoy beautiful nature. In Puhakka's case through a group called Roman explorers with expats from different parts of the world! 

Puhakka has been working on her projects with birds, the religious sect in Finland and also been writing applications for funds during her stay at Circolo. A newer project on her desk is about global warming and how it affects people and for example birds. The negative changes can feel depressive, and she wishes that politicians and governments would take their responsibilities and be more active in the matter.


Text by Oona Haapamäki