Katarina Carlshamre 

Writer | Sweden


Katarina Carlshamre is a Swedish writer. In her work – poetry, drama and fiction – she plays with the boundary between inner and outer reality and explores topics that revolve around questions of sanity and madness, fantasy, love and mortality. She is currently working on the third part of a fiction trilogy, illustrated by the Swedish cartoonist Lars Sjunnesson. The first and second titles, Venusberget and Upprymd, were published by Themis förlag in 2021 and 2022. Carlshamre holds a Ph.D. in French from Stockholm University and has, after her doctorate, conducted research on mothers as narrators in contemporary Swedish and French literature.                                                                                                             Since 2021, she also teaches a seminar on new Swedish literature for                                                                                           students studying Swedish at universities in Italy and France.

                                                                                         Webpage:  www.katarinacarlshamre.com