Birgitte Sigmundstad

Visual artist | Norway 


Birgitte Sigmundstad lives in Oslo and primarily works with moving images. She is educated at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. Sigmundstads films are essayistic and are tied to art, art history or historical events. Another recurring subject matter in Sigmundstads films is how art is used ideologically as pictured in Art and Non Art (2020) about the exhibition with the same name in a nazified National Gallery in Oslo in 1942 and Hammersborg Protecting the Bygone Future (2017) which looks at the social democratic project and modernist architecture. In recent years Sigmundstad has worked with several films about the                                                                                                         mediation of second world war in Norway. She is                                                                                                               currently working on a film about the new National                                                                                                             Museum in Oslo.