Visual artists | Norway



Alt Går Bra pursues affirmative aesthetic forms, elaborated through philosophical and historical inquiries. Its exhibitions, discursive events, and publications  portray Classicism and Romanticism as deep structuring principles, well beyond the realm of aesthetics. Reviving the scorned skill of the hand, Alt Går Bra explores today’s artistic potential of the figurative and the beautiful. An unusual intensity leads Alt Går Bra to hectic levels of production that break through the barriers between contemporary art and the general public with complex content.


Some of Alt Går Bra’s projects include Den Norske Idealstaten, which rewrites Plato’s Republic with the people of Norway, and the Mimeograph Project, which rediscovers the printing technology that revolutionized alternative publishing in the 20th century. Artwork produced for these projects include an exploration of communal objects such as coats of arms and banners.


Founded in 2015, Alt Går Bra is based in Bergen and Paris. Its work has been presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Palais de Tokyo, University of Westminster, KODE, and Bergen Kunsthall, where the group organizes a series of lectures with guests including Jacques Rancière and Chantal Mouffe.