Composer and musician | Iceland


Thuridur Jónsdóttir is a composer, flutist and music teacher based in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

     Among Jónsdóttir’s compositions are Flutter for flute, orchestra and field recordings of insect, Flow and Fusion for manipulated orchestra, INNI-musica da camera for violin and sound curtains of an infant’s murmur, Winter for voice and electronics, the accordion concerto Installation Around a Heart, Cylinder 49 for choir and chamber orchestra, 48 Images of the Moon for solo cello and a field recording from the Icelandic highlands and The C.V of a Butterfly for chamber orchestra. Jónsdóttir has also created the multimedia works Cock’s egg, Seal Maiden and Lusus Naturae in cooperation with the artists Ólöf Nordal and Gunnar Karlsson and Sounds of Doubts with Jeannette Castioni. Currently she is working with nordic colleagues on the multi-discplinary project LIVIA’s ROOM, about Livia Drusilla, the first empress of Rome.


Compositions by Jónsdóttir have been commissioned and performed by such ensembles and institutions as Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Iceland Symphony, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, Radio France, Westdeutscher- and Norddeustcher Rundfunk, NOMUS, Caput Ensemble, Adapter, FontanaMix, Ensemble Aventure, Notabu Ensemble. Her works have been performed at various festivals like Présences in Paris, Warsaw Autumn, Dark Music Days in Reykjavik, Klang Festival in Copenhagen, Nordic Music Days, ISCM and November Music.  She was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Price in 2006, 2010 and 2012. 

     Since 2016 Thuridur has been collaborating and touring with Björk as a flutist.