Visual Artist | Norway


Ingrid Aarset lives and works on Askøy, an island just outside Bergen and at her studio at USF, Bergen. She has her education from Bergen and London. During recent years she has mainly been working with large scale textiles for site specific commissions. Her works have been purchased by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collected by the Museums of Art in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, among others.


Aarset is part of the interdisciplinary project Livia´s Room together with Lene Therese Teigen and Thuridur Jonsdottir, initiated by Lene during their first meeting at Circolo january 2018. She will contribute with textiles, illuding the subterranean garden of Livia excavated in Prima Porta.


Artist Statement:

I work with textiles and have a direct approach to the material while developing my ideas and projects: making is thinking to me. I read textiles as carriers of human history and find that this material has a certain way of communicating stories about our lives and culture, on many levels. This way of perceiving textiles is the core of my work and an important source while developing my concepts and projects.