Ulla West is born 1954 in Trollhättan Sweden, based in Stockholm.


She studied literature and nordic languages at Gothenburg University before her artstudies at Konstfack/College of Arts and at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.


Ulla West is working with different media in installations, projects, exhibitions and commissions. Often her work starts in the practise leading to a question or an idea followed by investigations over time. The projects grows in rhizome-like ways and one project leads to another. The line of work involves searching, site, social life, using sculpture, film and photo, textile, text, printing, analogue and digital media.


At Circolo Scandinavo she will continue her work with MABL, Mobile Artist’s Books Library and CORRECTION-Indigo Rug. More information at the websites www.ullawest.com and www.mabl.se