Rósa Gísladóttir

“My aim was to contrast Roman archaeology with the “archaeology of the future“, to evoke fundamental emotions in the minds of the viewers with artwork that is aesthetically attractive in the spirit of the ancient world, but at the same time raising challenging questions about the present and the future. Displaying my art in Trajan’s Market gave me a welcome opportunity to explore different sculptural methods involving modern material such as Jesmonite, aluminum, plastic bottles, glass, water and light.“


- Rósa Gísladóttir on her exhibition Come l'aqua come l'oro... that was held in the museum Mercati di Traiano, Rome, in 2012


Rósa Gísladóttir is an Icelandic artist and currently lives and works in Reykjavík, having previously lived in England, Germany and the United States. She has held numerous exhibitions in Iceland and internationally.