Peter Oskarson is a Swedish theatre director and actor. As a child daily training at the ballet school of the Malmö City Theatre, where he also acted several child roles. Peter was admitted as an acting student to the National College of Acting in Stockholm in 1971. After his actor education he established his own theatre in the town of Malmö: The Scanian Theatre (Skånska teatern), which, as time went on, moved to the town of  Landskrona.


In 1982 he, with several members of his staff, moved to the town of Gävle, where he became the first theatre manager and artistic director of the newly started People's Theatre of the Gävleborg County. In 2007 Peter Oskarson again left the People's Theatre after having directed quite a number of plays that attracted much attention. Alongside his own theatre projects Peter Oskarson has been guest directing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and US. He has been working with the Jingju director Ma Ke, Shanghai, with whom he has come to an agreement about a master-apprentice relation. In India Peter Oskarson cooperated with Gopal Venu in Natanakairali.


Lately Peter Oskarson directed “Faust 1-2” by Goethe in Gävle Gas beholders, “The Migrants” by Vilhelm Moberg at The Theatre in Västmanland and a first performance of a new Danish opera "Visit of the Royal Physician, after a novel by PO Enquist at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen which is also available as a DVD-recording. It was a great success and received the Danish Reumert


Theatre Price. He also got a numerous of other theatre prizes, among them the Swedish Academy Theatre prize and the Alf Sjöberg-prize.