Ólöf Nordal


In her work Ólöf Nordal (b. 1961) deals with Icelandic history, heritage and a collective memory of a nation. Her artistic research centers among others on the identity of a nation in postcolonial times, the origin and the reflection of national motifs in the present and the fragment as a mirror into the past.


Ólöf plays frequently with the philosophy of displaying and collecting, and the gortesque and the singular, which falls between classification systems. Her work often has its roots in folk belief and folk stories which she uses to examine scientific methods used to observe nature, to preserve nature, and categorize.


Nordal has made several permanent works in public spaces, sculptures, 3D animation, photography and installations, beside cross disciplinary work with architects, composers and in theater productions.


Ólöf Nordal is an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Iceland Academy of the Arts.