Katarina elvira gudrunsdotter



In my artistic work I create experimental installations that explore existential issues of our time. Examining layers of consciousness through matter, rhythm and movement, the works invite to a space of reflection on the state of the world.


The artistic process is inspired by poetry, psychology, philosophy, mysticism and natural elements and I use everything from traditional artistic materials to objects found on my daily walks. The materials often embody a history characterised by the forces of nature or manual craft.


I work in a studio surrounded by pine trees south of Gothenburg and have since my Master Degree Show, at Edinburgh College of Art, worked in artist residences and been engaged in exhibitions. My work has just been on view at MUU Gallery, Helsinki in a Solo Exhibition, The Nature of Love. A profound conversation between roots of fallen oak trees, pine stumps, driftwood, poetry, sound of birds and photographs in ancient frames couched in the form of an installation. 


More information about Katarina can be found on her website: www.gudrunsdotter.net