kaisu koivisto


“The relationship between natural phenomena and technologies is an ongoing subject of exploration for me. I am inspired by the rough wilderness of the North as well as by the signs of human activity in the environment. Thus, my work tell more about people than nature: about the commodification of nature, the quest for raw materials and the symbolical and allegorical aspects of natural phenomena. I explore topics which deal with history, world politics, ecology, tourism and aesthetics."


In her works Kaisu Koivisto incorporates different media and materials such as salvaged leather and steel. Installations, photography, drawing and video are integral aspects of her artistic practice."


Kaisu Koivisto (b.1962) holds an MA in Fine Art from University of Art and Design Helsinki, She is currently based in Helsinki, Finland.


For more information about Kaisu Koivisto's works, see www.kaisukoivisto.com

Kaisu Koivisto CV
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Leaving Pyramiden

Lambda print / Silisec; 2015

64 x 210 cm


























The Wild North II (Svalbard)

Lambda print/silisec,2013

60 x 90 cm




Wanderlust I

Electrogalvanized steel, sealskin boot; 2015

35 x 32 x 18 cm