Johan urban bergquist

Visual/Sound artist | Norway

Johan Urban Bergquist is a Swedish born, Oslo based artist that works with drawing, installations, sculpture, noise music and performance. He often uses combinations of the aforementioned techniques. The references in Bergquists works are many and disparate, but it all mainly boils down to exploring alternative realities and alternative states of mind. Themes include: dreams, mysticism, occultism, supernatural and unexplained phenomena, alchemy and more.


Count Pukebeard – “industrial noise for industrious people”

Count Pukebeard is a reasonably weird and not always politically correct noise-musician from the interior of Never Never Land. The superego has long since lost control over Pukebeard and the subconscious now controls his actions and choices. He is flamboyant and always absolutely unpredictable. His performances are improvised, non-linear and when at its best, overworldly surreal.