Visual artists | Denmark

JET-TE L. RANNING  is a Danish artist working and living in Odense, Denmark. She's educated at the Danish Designschool in Copenhagen and after at  School of Visual Arts in New York .


Ranning's work gives us a crossover between abstract and figurative art. Using  marble dust in the working-process makes the painting almost seems embedded in a veil. This gives the interpretation room and lets the eye move from the organic motifs over to the abstract structures. Forth and back.


Almost geometrically shaped brush strokes together with a mixture of materials and techniques is what makes her work unique. The surface of the paintings is covered with marble dust,  that after drying creates cracks as uneven lines in the surface and let the colors underneath be visible in small bits  and fine lines. It gives you the feeling ,as if you get  a view into another world or story. Her development of this special tecqnique over many years - the transparent marble dust and the mix of colors all together make the paintings radiate a magical "air”.