Playwright  | Sweden

Isa Schöier is a Swedish playwright who made her debut in 1996 with the play Livingstones Children, since then repeatedly performed in Sweden and at the Taganka Theatre in Moscow. It is a poetic protest against economic cuts in the public sector but also a story drawn from the spring of childhood memories and fantasies.


Since then she has written a whole range of plays, working on freelance basis. The theme of abandonement has been explored again in Sleeping Beauty Airlines, a play that grew out of an older version of the fairytale, the one where the Sleeping Beauty sleeps all the way through rape, pregnancy and through giving birth, leaving a child to grow up with a comatose mother and so many questions about the role of women and of femininity and of the nature of tiredness.


Her most recent play is Night People, where she for the first time writes in the genre of urban science fiction and presents the story of a girl who wakes up to the social injustices of the crowded city she lives in. She is currently working on another story for 10-11 year olds where Superheroes, lies and insects will play important parts.