endre aalrust

"I am a Norwegian artist born 1973. At the moment my main focus is on painting and film making. I live in Berlin and I studied at the University in Oslo and at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen.


My work is driven by an interest in questioning hegemonic ideas and power structures - be it in intimate relations, in families, between friend and lovers, in art, language or politics.


When painting, i borrow from a source book of awkward design, kitsch and maudlin sentimentality. I try reanimate

odd painterly genres in an attempt to escape the omnipotent “Malfürsten” and the overwhelming history of painting.


My films are the result of a DIY-approach, which is slow and work intensive as I literally do everything myself .

Lately I’ve developed an increasing interest in the format of the essay film. Despite it’s sometimes disregard among filmmakers due to it’s break with the golden rule “show don’t tell”, i find that the essay film with it’s lack of

coherence, causality and continuity reflects the complexity and paradoxes within the themes i choose to deal with."