Bryndís hrönn Ragnarsdóttir

Bryndís Hrönn Raganarsdóttir is a contemporary visual artist born in Reykjavík, Iceland.

In her work elements of nature, society, myth, and logic become wicks of transitionally assembled conceptual installations.

In a recent Choir piece: “Tuning- The story of the windscreen wiper” 2017, she used numerical response to the environment and natural activity as a reference to create a geometric implementation of emotional space, bringing forth the structural nature of the points of intersections where acts indicate the value of motion, by reaction or registration.


In “Lei”, a multiple that was created for Multis in may 2019 in edition of three, she again refers to numbers by addressing a person formally or indirectly, in third person pronoun, and offering the layered assemblage of her hand positioned on top of a triangular piece of wood on top of another wooden surface dotted out on a Schablon to make it possible to capture it's outlines on another surface such as a wall.


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Ragnarsdóttir holds an MA degree in visual art from the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna and a BA in visual art from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. She has held solo exhibitions in The Living Art Museum, Kling and Bang and National Gallery of Iceland, in dispersed holdings, New York and Woodstreet Galleries Pittsburgh in the USA and participated in group exhibitions in Berlin, Vienna and Athens to name a few. Bryndis is involved in several long term projects, one of which is  Assembly of the Holy with Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir.  Bryndís has curated a number of exhibitions, published books and was editor of the art magazine The End.