visual artist | Norway

Audar Kantun (b. 1985) is a visual artist originally from Bodø, Norway, but situated in Oslo where he graduated from the academy of fine art in 2016.


Audar is working with painting, sculpture and photography, which often merges in to installations that can be read as a bigger image in the space.


The last years his main focus has been painting. The canvasses are often large in scale and energetically filled whit colorful narratives that lends it self to art history, but the artist also draws inspiration from local history, his immediate surroundings, inner life and imagination. The works has several potential points of entry and can be approached from both a political or ethical but also a poetic or aesthetical point of view.


Audar makes up and tells stories that often lacks both the beginning and the end. You could rather encounter the images as moments in, or windows in to, another world where everything is slightly twisted and turned and the volume is cranked up to eleven. Humor is an important ingredient in Audar´s work. It is threated with the utmost respect, while at the same time, the most serious matters are treated with humor.