Vigdis Fjellheim, visual artist from Oslo, Norway. Her art production consist of series of paintings and drawings based upon archives of her own and found photos. Methodically the collection and selection is always the basis for her art making. It concentrates on issues surrounding documentation, classification, mapping, systematization and archiving. The work has been showed at various exhibitions and as commission works.

The work Found, Selected and Reinstated, 182 Travellers -182 Relocations comprised of 365 paintings which altogether form a conceptual and formal unity at a hotel nearby Oslo, and it’s based upon her extensive photo collection of people in public space (about 3500 examples). In the series 271 Glances, Classifications and From Monday to Sunday glances, the starting point are photographs of people taken at the exact moment they discover the camera. The glances are categorised after facial expressions and forms new groups exclusively consisting of for example curious, scornful or aggressive.The latest work is a series of drawings in charcoal with pictures from the terror incident in Oslo last summer. They will be presented at  the Drawing biennale 2012, Drawing as expression in May and June at Tegnerforbundet in Oslo.


Artists-in-residence April and May 2012