"The Body (the manuscript), The Image (the manuscript) by Tone Gellein forms part of a larger installation and video work that uses the cube motif as a textual device as well as describing both conceptual and real space. Part prose, part concrete poetry the work references the cube, rose/the rose garden, ground, land, terra firma versus the ocean, drift, religious overtones, God, the body, sci-fi in a series of beautifully- crafted overlapping and fragmentary phrases and texts." (Goldsmiths, University of London Art Writing Award 2011 selected by Book Works)

Born in Trondheim, Norway, lives and works in Oslo. After 15 years as a dancer/choreographer/producer within theatre and dance, she now works in a landscape between text/literature, live performance/installation and visual art/video. She has studied at the Universities of Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø (theatre, anthropology, art); dance and theatre in Norway, Copenhagen and Spain; further education in sound/video editing and composing, and has a master in Art Writing from Goldsmiths College, London. She has created major works in close collaboration with composers, visual artists and musicians, and explored the church space with works in dance and theatre. Her video works has been screened in film festivals in Norway, Chile and Australia. She participated in Retrospective. Film and Video Art 1960-1990 in Oslo, Stenersen Museum, 2011, with a video portrait of Laurie Grundt. The performance RED/Spiral into Silence was shown at Gallery .NO in New York City in 2011.

Her work has received funding from Arts Council of Norway, Fund for Performing Artists and The City Council of Oslo. She has received a Government work grant, and several scholarships from different funds.

"Performance and dance is still part of my practice although in a transformed way. My overall interest lies in the border between, in and on the line cutting through the densities of reality. From image to text/from text to image".


Artist-in-residence February 2012