Philip Tafdrup (born 1979) is a Danish writer, whose most recent work is a collection of short stories titled “Wunderkammer”. This body of work comprises 63 short stories, which portray a series of childhood encounters, capturing a coming-of-age story. The subject matter ranges greatly and covers the protagonist’s experiences of a neighbour’s suicide, survival of the fittest in the school-yard, building bombs, stealing, spying on girls, fatal traffic accidents and selection for the soccer team, to name but a few. Despite dealing with significant issues, the stories maintain a balance of love and a poetic view of the world. The book complies and expands on the author’s memories, which are arranged like objects in a “wunderkammer”, deconstructing the trials and errors one goes through as part of growing up, whilst addressing the meanings and values within the absurdities of life.


In addition to the above, Philip Tafdrup has also written “Cat Loves Sean” a collection of poetry and photography, which was published in 2010. This was written in Australia and inspired by the names, sights, stories and memories hidden within Waverley cemetery in Sydney’s eastern suburb.


Philip Tafdrup has been awarded grants from the Danish Arts Council.


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Artist-in-residence March 2013