Mette Kit Jensen

Mette Kit Jensen, born 1962 in Danmark.


Educated as a visual artist from the art academy in Hamburg 1995-2002 and MA in Art theory and communication at the Royal Danish Art academy from 2004.


Mette Kit Jensen works with and in city spaces and lately she has undertaken a more historical approach to the artist’s relation to this particular space. Kit Jensen is interested in the concept of ‘the flâneur’ as artistic method.


A fläneur is a loafer; a person who enjoys idling about on the street. A fläneur is an ambitious figure driven by curiosity and a desire to be close to reality. On the other hand in order to distance him self from the same reality a flaneur is flamboyant and carefully stages his behaviour. Some flâneurs took a stroll with a turtle on a lead to slow down the tempo and predictability of the big city. The term flâneur emerged in Paris the 1800’s. A flâneur was originally a man. Mette Kit Jensen has decided to become a fläneuse.


From the concept of walking, writing and collecting in the street she develops text works, objects, installations and urban interventions.