Marianna Kurtto

Marianna Kurtto (b. 1980) is a Finnish poet and literary translator. She was born in Helsinki, where she still lives and works. She has written four volumes of poetry: Eksyneitten valtakunta ("The Kingdom of the Lost", WSOY 2006), Maisemasta läpi ("Through the Landscape, WSOY 2009), Auringon koko voimalla ("With All the Strenght of the Sun", WSOY 2009), and the latest work, View-Master (WSOY 2012). Her fifth volume Rottakuningas ("The Rat King") will be published in January 2015.


In her work she has shown interest in combining poetry with elements from various fields, namely geography, history (her third book is based on the life of the emperor Napoleon), and, in the upcoming volume, biology: "The Rat King" will introduce an array of some of the weirdest creatures and natural phenomena to be found on earth.    


Currently she is writing her first novel and imagining her sixth book of poetry.


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